Insurance core modernization

Insurance companies are fully aware that their legacy technology, which comprises systems for new underwriting, policy administration, claims,... are quite outdated. Modernizing legacy systems enables insurers to align business strategies with objectives, leverage new technology and improve their product offerings. The vision of core systems modernization is to transform a tightly-controlled code base and hardware into modularized cloud applications where traditional layers are converted into components that can be consumed only as needed. At Alpaca, we work with customers to offer digital solutions across the spectrum.

IT/ Strategy advisory services

New entrants and innovations across the insurance value chain are redefining the industry by bringing new perspectives, from digital experience and modern risk analytics to InsurTech and beyond. Therefore, insurers should harness the power of technology and seize new opportunities to streamline their business processes At Alpaca, we work closely with you to develop an IT strategy centered on your business’s needs. From developing first insights to implementing strategy with concrete actions, our consulting approach and extensive knowledge contribute to the success of your company.

Professional services

Not all organizations have the IT resources and skill sets needed to implement the proper technology or solution. Alpaca’s professional IT services offer effective solutions to your team’s most advanced business problems. We deliver a wide range of expertise across hardware and software solutions and share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges. We work with you to plan, design, implement and support your IT strategy, helping you to make your future projects a success.